For the first time, leagues and federations at every level of sport are in a position to launch high-quality OTT solutions to showcase their competitions to the world.

An unprecedented wave of OTT innovation is creating huge exposure and opportunity for properties further down sport’s traditional food chain. The result is a massive increase in the volume of content – often considered niche – available and the ability for rights-holders to access, identify and monetise fans who were previously disenfranchised.

The impact is truly liberating.

Produced by SportBusiness and Genius Sports, this whitepaper looks at:

  • The opportunities for sports launching their first OTT solutions, including greater engagement, audience growth and new revenue
  • The challenges for sports entering the OTT space, including pricing, understanding their audience and the value of video on-demand
  • The key technological shifts which have levelled the streaming landscape such as automated production and smartphones

This whitepaper includes expert insights from Kevin Roberts, Editorial Director of SportBusiness, Anton Brams, Strategic Director, Streaming & OTT of Genius Sports and Ramses Braakman, Chairman of the Dutch Basketball League.