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Investing In Integrity: SportBusiness Whitepaper

By January 10, 2019 No Comments

Match-fixing poses the most significant threat to the integrity of modern sports. In combating its threat, significant progress has been made of late. But what is the optimum model for protecting competitions and how can sports devise an integrity strategy that provides long-term protection and safeguards their future?

While there is no definitive figure for how much the global sports sector is worth, if the public was to lose its fascination for sporting competition, it’s value both commercially and to society would plummet.

Sport faces an existential threat from those who want to rob it of its raison d’être by manipulating outcomes for their own ends. And it is a threat which has seldom been greater or more sinister. Fuelled by the huge sums to be made through illegal betting, the potential for athletes and officials to be coerced into match-fixing has never been greater.

By drawing on the expertise of integrity specialists Genius Sports, this special supplement looks at the threats sports face and the steps which can be taken to protect their competitions.

To download the full report including expert insights from Adrian Ford, General Manager at Football DataCoAndy Levinson, Senior VP, Tournament Administration at the PGA TOUR and Kevin Carpenter, Special Counsel, Sports Integrity for Genius Sports, please provide your contact information below.

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